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Title: BEZA receives Global Recognition.

Date : 2020-06-26 10:42:43

Notice Heading: BEZA receives Global Recognition.

Notice Details: Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) has received an accolade for its outstanding contributions to the country’s economy through developing economic zones. The World Free and Special Economic Zones Federation (FEMOZA), a Geneva-based non-profit organization, has awarded BEZA for its best practices in its activities. President of the Federation Juan Torrents handed over the award to BEZA Executive Chairman Paban Chowdhury at a ceremony on Thursday, the second day of three-day ‘World Free and Special Economic Zones Summit’. The summit, organized by the FEMOZA, was held in Monaco, a European country. Representatives of the economic zone authorities from different countries, including Bangladesh, Russia, Thailand, Belarus, Honduras, South Africa, Egypt and Ethiopia, joined the summit. Taking part in the summit, Paban Chowdhury highlighted various aspects of BEZA before the international delegations. “BEZA has been transforming the economic zones (EZs) with cordial efforts of allied government agencies,” he said. Contacted, Mr Chowdhury told the FE that the award is an appreciation for what the government agency has done so far. “BEZA has done a commendable progress in framing laws, rules, policies and guidelines for establishing sustainable economic zones,” he said. The BEZA is establishing the largest EZ in the region as well as developing a Land Bank for the entrepreneurs, he added.

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